Her Care is in Your Hands: Co-testing with Pap and HPV Together Identifies More Cases of Cancer and Precancer Than Either Test Alone

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
12:00 PM ET/9:00 AM PT

Presented by: Lead Author, Dr Harvey Kaufman and Co-Author Dr Damian Alagia
Register now to join lead author Dr Harvey Kaufman and co-author Dr Damian Alagia as they share key findings of a new publication identifying the clinical relevance and ability of co-testing with Pap and HPV together, from 13 million women over a 9-year period, to correctly identify more cases of cervical cancer and precancer than either test alone. 
Harvey W. Kaufman, MD, FCAP, MBA
Senior Medical Director, 
Information Ventures,
Quest Diagnostics
Dr Kaufman is the Senior Medical Director for Medical Informatics at Quest Diagnostics
Damian P. Alagia III, MD, MBA
Senior Medical Director for 
Advanced Diagnostics & 
Women’s Health, 
Quest Diagnostics
Dr Alagia is the Chief Clinical Officer for Health Systems as well as the Senior Medical Director for Advanced Diagnostics and Women’s Health at Quest Diagnostics

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